Josh Schultz

Josh Schultz.

Josh Schultz is a health policy analyst at hCentive, a Washington, D.C. area healthcare technology company specializing in state exchanges. Josh (pictured second from the left) previously managed consumer assistance for navigators and assisters as a state-wide point of contact for the New York State Exchange’s consumer assistance program, guiding critical technical assistance during the first and second Marketplace open enrollment periods.


Josh has a strong background in Medicare, having spent more than two years with the Medicare Rights Center in New York City, helping consumers and providers navigate the complex program for elderly and disabled Americans.


Josh is passionate about health policy and the Affordable Care Act, and has closely followed the law’s design and implementation.  In addition to the ACA and Medicare, Josh previously ran an LLC helping consumers appeal health insurer claims decisions in the commercial market.


When Josh isn’t focused on policy, he devotes much of his time to traveling the world and meeting new people.  Contributions to HealthInsurance.Org and MedicareResources.Org represent only his own views.

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