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The public option, simplified

Cartoonist sharpens pen on debate

Cartoonist Mike Stanfill cuts to the chase with this cartoon illustrating the public option.

Conservatives fear the public option because it might be “too good” at delivering vital services at reduced prices, putting private health insurance companies out-of-business.

Another web posting that cuts through the bull is a column in today’s Washington Post by Steven Pearlstein.

Titled “Republicans propogating falsehoods in attacks on health-care reform,” Pearlstein debunks some of the many falsehoods being peddled by a party out of ideas.

However, there is plenty blame to go around for both parties — the so-called Blue Dog Democrats are drinking at the same stream of health industry political contributions as the Republicans are, trying to stall or delay Obama’s hope for universal health care coverage. The insurance industry is spending $1.4 million a day to defeat real reform. Where does all that money come from? Easy — it comes from the health insurance premiums you pay.