Schwarznegger urges GOP to support reform

Finally, some republican muscle supporting obama’s health care reform

Governor Arnold Schwarznegger (R-CA) has made a formal statement supporting health care reform, urging congressional Republicans to cooperate with the Democrats in forming and passing significant legislation this year.

His pleas to his party-mates may stir reminders of his role as a Kindergarten Cop as many in both parties are entranced by the siren call of health industry dollars going  Jingle All the Way into their re-election pots.

The Governator joins a gaggle of other prominent Republicans, both out of office and no longer dependent on the fundraising teat, who called for health care reform this week.

They are former Senate Majority Leaders Bill Frist (R-TN), Bob Dole and Howard Baker and Bush administration Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson (R-WI). New York City Mayor (former Republican, now Independent) Michael Bloomberg has also endorsed the Senate Finance Committee bill.

Arnie, you will always be our action hero!

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