Up or down vote on health reform needed

If Dems haven’t led or followed, it’s time to get out of the way, columnist says

Will Democrats unite to allow an up-or-down vote on health reform legislation? Robert Creamer explained on the Huffington Post this morning why he thinks it’s in Democratic legislators’ best interests to pull together. Creamer’s reasons include, briefly:

  • That Americans have already swung overwhelmingly in support of the public option.
  • A vote to defeat the filibuster isn’t a vote for the public option: it’s simply a vote to NOT give the opposition the power to thwart the will of the majority.
  • Legislators who allow the filibuster risk the resentment of the majority party.
  • The defeat of this legislation could threaten the election-year prospects of Democratic legislators in the next election cycle.
  • More importantly, Creamer suggests, a defeat on this legislation could threaten the majority status of the Democrats and damage the political standing of President Obama.

The bottom line, Creamer says: the party has spoken in support of the public option. Now, members of the party need to stand back and make way for progress. As CBS News notes, the clock is ticking.

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