Biggest pro-life vote in history

55 thousand Americans die each year from lack of health insurance

Our statement has nothing to do with the last-minute deal cut between the White House and Rep. Bart Stupak (D- Mich.). Here’s why the historic vote authorizing health insurance reform is the biggest pro-life vote in history:

Fifty-five thousand Americans die every year because of lack of health insurance coverage. Those are deaths that no longer need to happen, thanks to important market reforms the Obama Administration and Democrats in Congress bravely passed.

Democrats have been trying to provide health care for all since the days of President Truman. This last attempt took more than 400 days as they worked to allow all members of Congress including the Republicans across the aisle to have their say.

That’s a real “pro-life” move to us. And change that we can all believe in.

Bravo President Obama – bravo to all those who voted to make health care available to all. Today, history is made.

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