Health insurers really, really like you

Despite opposition to health reform, insurers seem ready to play nice

This headline from The Los Angeles Times had to be a day brightener for President Obama yesterday. The POTUS spent an awful lot of time predicting that health insurance carriers would be falling all over themselves to compete for new customers after passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

And according to Kristen Gerencher, the carriers are doing exactly that: ramping up customer service in a whole bunch of (we think) nifty ways – by opening storefronts, portable classrooms and kiosks to answer questions, by making their plan descriptions easier to understand, and “intervening to help improve people’s experiences with their health plans.”

Health insurers are getting ready play nice? We think it’s hard to see how consumers will see that as a negative effect of reform.

Huh. This health reform thing could actually catch on.

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