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Keep … uh … MY hands off my benefits

Fickle public losing interests in health reform's gains

It’s just one more interesting twist in the never-ending health reform saga.

On the one hand, a recent poll shows that public support for health reform is sagging – down from 50 percent to 43 percent – as the mid-term elections approach.

On the other hand, folks – and by “folks” we also mean state governments and about 2,000 employers – are already lined up to apply for some of the benefits of the health reform legislation. And why wouldn’t they want the benefits?

But then there’s the other other hand … the hand where many of the same folks opening wide for the subsidies are actually suing the federal government to overturn the health care overhaul as unconstitutional.

Three hands? Doesn’t really faze us. We think it just sort of goes back to what we’ve been saying all along: that we think many folks will oppose the health reform legislation until they know specifically what’s in it for them.

Ultimately, we do think most folks will find something in the reform specifically for them. The question is whether they’ll find that something BEFORE the mid-term elections or whether they’ll be voting to keep benefits out of their own hands.

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