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Health reform isn’t down for the count

Reports of health reform's demise greatly exaggerated

Federal judge’s ruling isn’t a knockout for health reform.

Kay, over at Balloon Juice, brings up an excellent point today about coverage of yesterday’s ruling by a federal judge that the health reform law is unconstitutional.

Her point, simply, is that the ruling from this particular federal judge – Roger Vinson – isn’t the nail in the casket for the health reform law. The ruling, she points out, is one of four: two judges (one in Michigan, the other in Virginia) ruling that the individual mandate is constitutional, two ruling the opposite.

Which got me thinking. What are the names of the two federal judges who upheld the law? Why did they uphold the law? Where are the excerpts from their opinions upholding the law? Why are we only hearing from two judges, when there are four?

Two for the law and two against. Seems a pretty even split for media to be planting a tombstone over the Affordable Care Act. We’re not surprised that a lawyer for the states says the “statute is dead.” We are surprised that the media seems to be taking opponents at their word.

There’s no question in our mind that the constitutionality issue is headed for the Supreme Court. A definitive decision from that court – and not the court of public opinion – is the only decision that will convince us that opponents of health reform have scored a knockout.

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