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GOP memo: don’t improve aca too much

Republican strategy firm cautions gop house members: fixing health reform law may make it more popular

Do opponents of the recently passed Affordable Care Act truly have their constituents’ best interests at heart? or are they simply continuing to play politics with Americans’ health?

A Republican strategy memo sent to House Republicans and obtained by Politico removes all doubt for us.

After months of assuring Americans that they don’t hate everything about the recently passed Affordable Care Act – and that there’s room to improve the law – Republican legislators are now being cautioned to change their tune, and their strategy. By improving the law too much, the memo says, legislators could make the law more popular.

Politico notes that the memo’s authors “warn against fixing the law in a way that would improve public opinion.” And that’s not surprising, given the tenor of public opinion about the law.

Recent polls show that the law is becoming more popular with Americans. A CNN poll from December revealed broad support for the law’s main provisions – with the exception of the individual mandate. And a CBS poll conducted last week showed that only about 20 percent of respondents want the entire law tossed out. Further, the same poll showed that 55 percent of respondents oppose Republican plans to defund the law.

It’s clear: most Americans don’t think the law is perfect, but most don’t want Congress to start all over from scratch. They want the law improved. And President Obama, for his part, has said that he’s willing to work with the GOP.

We truly believe that some GOP members of the House were sincere in their pledge to improve a law that they know was designed to give Americans more consumer protections in a time of economic turmoil.

Now, we challenge them to stick to their original promises and ignore this crass call to stop so-called “Obamacare” at all costs – not because the ACA will make Americans miserable, but because opponents can’t stand the idea that President Obama’s signature domestic achievement could actually make Americans happy.

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