Health Wonk Review for August 15, 2012

Health reform, Medicare and Romney’s running mate

healthwonk-read-this-editionThe latest edition of Health Wonk Review is hosted by the kind folks over at the Disease Management Care Blog.

As editor Jaan Siderov points out, it’s chock full of health reform blog posts, from “obscure legal theorizing over the constitutional legitimacy of the Affordable Care Act” to a look at what insurance brokers think about the law.

This week’s edition also includes a couple of nice pieces focused on Mitt Romney’s new sidekick. Harold Pollack doesn’t mince words about “a pampered millionaire known to purchase $350 wine” with proposals “opposed by huge middle class constituencies.”

We highly recommend that you bookmark the Health Wonk Review and browse its archive of previous wonkalicious editions. We’re partial to this one,  this one … oh, and this one, which we hosted.

Not enough wonkery? Grab a cup a Joe, put your feet up and soak in these recent posts from our illustrious wonking crew:

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