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December, 2012

Health Wonk Review for December 20, 2012

December 22, 2012 – If you haven't caught this week's edition already, Saturday morning's as good a time as any to grab a cup of coffee – or eggnog – and… Read more

Obamacare’s health insurance subsidies:

December 13, 2012 – Beginning in 2014, millions of Americans will discover that they qualify for subsidies designed to help them purchase their own health… Read more

Obama wins Round One of budget standoff

December 7, 2012 – Now, the president will have to decide where he is willing to compromise on cutting government spending. There are, in fact, places where… Read more

Health Wonk Review for December 6, 2012

December 6, 2012 – Being what it is, Health Wonk Review is chock full of great blog posts – including a handful of them addressing the issue nearest and… Read more

Affordable Care Act’s Medicaid expansion

December 3, 2012 – The governors and the president needs the other. Each side has a (possibly perverse) stake in the other’s success. Each would also be… Read more

Is health care headed for the ‘fiscal cliff?’

December 3, 2012 – It's hard not to think about the movie "Thelma and Louise" with all the dire predictions about the coming"fiscal cliff." House Speaker… Read more

Can businesses really NOT afford ACA?

December 1, 2012 – U.S. workers may think ACA-mandated health benefits from their employers are "priceless," but some business owners believe employees and… Read more