Health Wonk Review for May 8, 2014

A HWR fit for a King

Just a reminder that if you’re still looking for some compelling health policy reading this weekend, the latest edition of Health Wonk Review is live over at the Healthcare Economist. Hat tip to Jason Shafrin for pulling together this week’s edition.

Hat tip to Jason as well for reporting a really impressive endorsement of Health Wonk Review by LeBron James (?) We’re inclined to think he’s pulling our leg, but then hey, ya never know.

Great collection of posts this week, including a half-dozen or so updates on the Affordable Care Act – including a great post by Harold Pollack that looks at the link between mortality and being insured – and a few more that just beg you to read them:

And that’s just the stuff that’s labeled Affordable Care Act. There’s much more for you folks focused on hospitals, pharmaceuticals and privacy.


Next up: Hank Stern hosts Health Wonk Review on May 22 over at InsureBlog.