Health Wonk Review for October 12, 2015

Overflowing Cornucopia Edition and its sequel

Thanks to Joe Paduda for posting the most recent edition – or to be more accurate editions – of Health Wonk Review over at Managed Care Matters. Joe fired off Part 1 of the Overflowing Cornucopia Edition on October 9 and cranked out Part 2 this week. (Hey, a two-parter just spreads the love over two posts, right?)

We love sequels, so we were partial HWR’s Cornucopia overflowed! which also coincidentally gave a nod to our post from Wendell Potter: The ‘casino effect’ on your health insurance rates. And, uh, also a post from Bill Danylik about the ACA’s Cadillac Tax. Definitely read that.

But yes, we also recommend that you screen the original edition, which was loaded with a solid dozen other health policy posts.

As always, we’re partial to the Obamacare-ish posts … including Healthcare Lighthouse’s assessment of the “umpteen gazillionth effort” by the GOP to “kill PPACA.” Louise Norris reported on bad news regarding risk corridor payments to carriers.

Definitely check out those posts and more from the excellent crew of HWR contributors and we’ll see you next time, when Jason Shafrin hosts HWR over at Healthcare Economist on October 22.

See you then.