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Starr and the future of Obamacare post election.

Obamacare and its future under a new president

November 4, 2016 – Paul Starr wonders whether the nation can ignore a 'drumbeat of cynicism' and deliver health reform gains under a new… Read more

Game 7 fr Health Wonk Review

Health Wonk Review for November 3, 2016

November 4, 2016 – Brad Wright has posted the latest edition of Health Wonk Review over at Wright on Health – and it's a beaut! (Well, maybe not so… Read more

150 years of Obamacare book.

Dissecting ObamaCare and its impact

November 3, 2016 – ObamaCare has certainly had its fair share of media mischaracterizations – so a little fact checking is in… Read more

Increasing health insurance premiums.

Escaping the crush of premium increases

October 14, 2016 – If health insurance rate hikes make you feel stuck between a rock and a hard place, take heart. These strategies may offer a way… Read more

Obamacare rate hikes.

Who’s bearing the brunt of rate increases?

October 14, 2016 – While headlines about huge rate increases and carrier exits have been everywhere over the last few months, they only apply to the 7 percent… Read more

Trump has "nothing" for health care plan.

Debate offers only a glimmer of hope for healthcare

October 10, 2016 – More than anything, ACA requires pragmatic, bipartisan problem-solving in an era of divided government and unprecedented polarization… Read more

Jerry Maguire and health insurance greed.

History (of health carrier greed) repeats itself

October 9, 2016 – You can be certain the companies that are dropping out of several Obamacare markets next year will return if they can get Congress and the… Read more

Pundit health wonk review.

Health Wonk Review for October 7, 2016

October 8, 2016 – Thanks to Joe Paduda for posting this week's Health Wonk Review over at Managed Care Matters (and special thanks to Joe for posting early… Read more

Irene Aguilar, MD

ColoradoCare: Cure for an ailing healthcare system?

October 7, 2016 – ColoradoCare has no deductibles, no copays for preventive and primary care, and waives other copayments when they cause financial hardship.… Read more

Bill Clinton.

Live from Bill Clinton’s id, an ACA alternative

October 6, 2016 – Has Bill Clinton actively contemplated a Medicaid buy-in, or was his suggestion just a slip of the… Read more

Health Wonk Review is 10!

Health Wonk Review for September 22, 2016

September 23, 2016 – In our opinion each new edition of Health Wonk Review is an opportunity to celebrate great health policy blogging. This week, we're… Read more

Medicare-advantage as a thing.

A Medicare buy-in Republicans can love

September 23, 2016 – One might assume that Republicans would never go for a Medicare buy-in, as it would expand the ranks of those who get "government-run"… Read more