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Sister Simone and health care.

I was spanked by a Nun on the Bus

February 23, 2017 – Democrats in Congress should consider pushing for a vetting of the Cassidy-Collins bill if only to keep Republicans from signing on to a… Read more

Andy Slavitt quote.

Affordable Care Act supporters gird for battle

February 20, 2017 – We're at one of those moments right now for millions of American families. It's a moment to tell the truth to the American public. Get past… Read more

Tax fix needed for kids' dental coverage.

Tax code fix will deliver dental for millions of kids

July 14, 2016 – The National Association of Dental Plans (NADP) estimated in 2014 that 366,616 low-income children under the age of 18 and their families… Read more

Surprise medical costs of balance billing.

Relief from the shock of ‘surprise medical bills’?

December 4, 2015 – Of all the failings in the U.S. healthcare system, among the most outrageous is the balance billing of insured patients at in-network… Read more

Billing surprises out of network.

A state-by-state fix for network adequacy issues?

December 1, 2015 – The Network Adequacy Model Act provides draft legislation for state laws that will ensure network adequacy in health insurance plans.… Read more

Patrick Carr.

Pre-existing conditions? ‘No such thing’

October 23, 2015 – Patrick Carr went an awfully long time without health insurance. For someone living with two chronic health conditions — asthma and high… Read more

Fixing Obamacare’s broken window

April 17, 2014 – Spreading out open enrollment would allow carriers and exchanges to maintain level staffing throughout the year, and would result in better… Read more


Exchanges: too big to succeed?

April 13, 2014 – This is the time for brainstorming, but how much are we willing to change? Could we revamp the whole process if it meant a more… Read more

ACA enrollment surge.

Colorado: ‘battening down the hatches’

March 19, 2014 – Six of the country's most successful state-run exchanges have overcome technological hurdles, dealt with massive volume, created innovative… Read more

What isn’t catastrophic for Obamacare

December 23, 2013 – "I'm not surprised by the hyperbole. Ever since the story of cancelled policies broke, media coverage of the problem has verged on… Read more

ACA marketplaces: The tide has turned

December 19, 2013 – "The people responsible for implementing the ACA have continued to concentrate on the task at hand, and their efforts are paying off.… Read more

26 million eligible for help paying premiums

April 18, 2013 – We at Families USA estimate that nearly 26 million Americans will be eligible for premium tax credits to help make health coverage… Read more