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Sen. Snow bravely crosses the aisle

When Rev. Reid marries HELP and Finance, will Olympia Snowe get to give away the ‘bride?’

There were squeals of joy and howls of rage when Olympia Snowe crossed the aisle (or as Republicans would say “went over to the Dark Side”) yesterday to vote for the Senate Finance Committee’s version of a health reform bill. But now that it’s done, both sides might be rethinking their outbursts.

The Right could well rejoice in the fact that Snowe was asked to ostensibly stand up as a witness for the marriage of the Finance and HELP bills. The Left’s reason to whine? That Snowe won’t be just the witness; she’ll be giving away the bride – the Finance bill – to an undeserving groom – the HELP bill.

It looks like Snowe will fill that protective parent role, and naturally, she’ll have plenty to say about the groom’s intentions regarding what she sees as her baby. Most of the folks on the groom’s (liberal) side of the aisle are already concerned about whether Snowe forced some sort of pre-nup … and why she’s been invited to even watch the proceedings (since the Democrats had expected that this whole marriage would end up in Las Vegas, where they wouldn’t have to hear the whining of the bride’s parents).

Of course, the Left side of the church is just praying that IF the Reverend Harry Reid can convince the groom and the bride that they can get along, that some unruly wedding guest (we’re thinking Joe Lieberman) won’t stand up and object when the two finally meet for the nuptial blessing at the altar of the Senate.

If their prayers are answered, a successful marriage would inevitably lead to a steamy romance involving House and Senate bills. And then? Naturally, the delivery of adorable, living, breathing health reform legislation by none other than our trusted family physician.

Dr. Obama? Paging Dr. Obama?

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