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May 8, 2020 – The FPL – or Federal Poverty Level – is a measure of income that's used to calculate one's eligibility for Medicaid and the Children's… Read more

federal poverty level

April 14, 2020 – The Federal Poverty Level (FPL) is commonly referred to as FPL. Read more about the… Read more

full-time equivalent

September 6, 2017 – The full-time equivalent is used to determine employer size under the ACA. Any employee working at least 30 hours per week is considered… Read more

filing threshold

August 21, 2017 – The filing threshold is the minimum amount of income you must earn in order to be required to file a federal income tax return. In the… Read more


June 5, 2017 – Fee-for-service is a system of health insurance  payment in which a doctor or other health care provider is paid a free for each… Read more

fixed-indemnity health insurance

November 1, 2016 – Fixed indemnity health insurance is a type of medical insurance that pays a pre-determined amount on a per-period or per-incident basis,… Read more


September 6, 2016 – See medical flexible spending… Read more