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AK Health Reform

A collection of information and resources for Alaska stakeholder groups affected by health reform.

Alabama Department of Insurance

Alabama Department of Insurance provides regulation of the insuance industry to provide consumer protection and help maintain market stability.

Alabama Medicaid Agency

The state/federal program that pays for medical and long-term care services for low-income pregnant women, children, certain people on Medicare, disabled individuals and nursing home residents – has income and other requirements.

Alaska Comprehensive Health Insurance Association

The Alaska Comprehensive Health Insurance Association (ACHIA) was created by the Alaska State Legislature to provide access to health insurance coverage to all residents of the state who are unable to obtain individual health insurance.

All Kids – Alabama Public Health

All Kids is Alabama’s SCHIP program – providing low-cost, comprehensive health insurance for children 18 years and younger.

Arizona Department of Insurance

Resources for consumers, insurers and producers for Arizona health insurance or medical insurance.

Arizona Department of Insurance

Consumer help with health insurance issues in Arizona.

Arizona Health Matters

A web-based source of population data and community health information.

Arkansas Center for Health Improvement

ACHI’s mission is to be a catalyst for improving the health of Arkansans through evidence-based research, public issue advocacy, and collaborative program development.

Arkansas Insurance Department Consumer Services Division

The Consumer Services Division (CSD) assists insurance consumers with complaints and inquiries regarding insurance companies, producers, and adjusters.

Arkansas Insurance Department Life and Health Division

Arkansas Insurance Department Life and Health Division regulates life and health insurance in Arkansas. Love for the “Life and Health” link under the division’s menu.


ARKIDS 1ST provides two coverage options for more than 70,000 Arkansas children: ARKids A offers low-income families a comprehensive package of benefits; ARKids B provides coverage for families with higher incomes.