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Office of Attorney General Lori Swanson

Health care information and resources for health insurance consumers from the state’s attorney general.

Office of Health Reform & Innovation

How the state will implement the provisions of the Affordable Care Act.

Office of Maryland Health Care Reform

A state web site to offer health reform information for Maryland individuals, families, seniors, and small businesses.

Office of Multicultural Health, California State Department of Health Services

The state agency which tries to reduce inequality in health status, information and resources on multicultural health.

Office of the Ombudsman for Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities

Help for those Minnesotans who have difficulty  with mental health or developmental disability services they have received or need to receive.

Ohio Children’s Health Insurance Program

Designed to provide increased access to health coverage for children in families with income too high to qualify for Medicaid (Title XIX) but too low to afford private coverage.

Ohio consumer guide to health insurance

A PDF published by the Ohio Department of Insurance.

Ohio Department of Health

Deals with many issues affecting health care delivery in Ohio.

Ohio Department of Mental Health

Each year, Ohio’s community mental health systems provide services to more than 260,000 people, including 75,000 adults who are disabled by severe mental illness and 70,000 children with emotional disorders. More information at the department’s Web site.

Ohio HIPAA information

Describes what the State of Ohio is doing to comply with requirements of the federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.

Ohio Medicaid

The federal and state funded program for low income Ohioans.

Oklahoma CHIP

The children’s health insurance program for Oklahomans.

Oklahoma Health Care Authority

The primary entity in the state of Oklahoma charged with controlling costs of state-purchased health care.

Oklahoma Health Insurance High Risk Pool

Toll-free 1-800-255-6065 or (913) 362-0040

Oregon Department of Insurance

Health insurance information for Oregonians.

Oregon Health Plan (OHP)

Provides health care coverage to low-income Oregonians through programs administered by the Division of Medical Assistance Programs (DMAP). Currently, more than 600,000 people each month receive health care coverage through the Oregon Health Plan.

Oregon Health Plan Wikipedia entry

A Wikipedia page on the plan, first passed in 1993, that at the time made Oregon the leader in health care reform.

Oregon Medicaid

Medicaid provides health care insurance for low-income residents through a federal and state partnership. Federal regulations provide a framework for each state to build a unique Medicaid program or State Medicaid Plan.

Oregon Medical Insurance Pool

Toll-free 1-800-848-7280 or (503) 225-6620 (M-F 8am-5pm)