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UHCAN! The Universal Health Care Action Network

A group of individuals and organizations committed to achieving health coverage for all Americans. Their Web site provides resources and shares information regarding the development of strategies for health care justice from the consumer’s point of view.

United for National Healthcare

A Bellingham, Washington group organizing and advocating for a National Single-Payer Healthcare System.

Universal Health Care Action Network of Ohio

UHCAN Ohio’s mission is to achieve high quality, accessible, affordable health care for all Ohioans.

Universal Health Care Foundation of Connecticut

An independent, nonprofit, grant-making organization dedicated to achieving a quality health care system that is affordable and available for everyone in the state.

Utah and national health reform

The Insurance Department’s page on the impact of the Affordable Care Act on Utah.

Utah Children’s Health Insurance Program

Families who cannot afford to buy health insurance for their children may be eligible for health coverage through the Utah CHIP.

Utah Comprehensive Health Insurance Pool

Toll-free 1-800-705-9173 or (801) 442-6660

Utah Health Policy Project

A resource for the public, community leaders, businesses, health care providers and policy makers interested in strengthening the health care system while working to develop visionary and systemic solutions to the crisis of the uninsured and under-insured.

Utah Health Policy Project (UHPP)

UHPP is a nonpartisan, 501-C-3 nonprofit organization whose vision is for a health care system that provides medically necessary care to all Utah residents in a timely, efficient, and culturally effective manner with sustainable financing.