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Fact Sheet: What Will the New Health Reform Law Do in the First Year?

A look at the Affordable Care Act and its provisions, including new protections from insurance company abuses, subsidies for small businesses to help with cost of providing coverage to workers, and the first step toward closing the Medicare prescription drug coverage gap known as the “doughnut hole.”

Medicare in Nevada

SHIP Volunteers offer FREE one-on-one assistance-and-counseling with respect to many problems seniors encounter regarding Medicare, supplemental health insurance and long-term care options.

Medicare Resource Center

The Medicare Resource Center is consumer focused, posting Medicare-related articles written by experienced health journalists, and also includes a glossary and links to other helpful Medicare-related resources. The Medicare guide is a relatively new offshoot of the Health Insurance Resource Center, a consumer-focused guide that’s been on the Web since 1994.

Paying For Senior Care and the Eldercare Financial Resource Locator Tool were designed to help families and caregivers locate information about long-term care resources for their loved ones, and to find the public and private programs available to assist in covering the cost of such care.

Senior Health Insurance Benefit Advisors Program

Senior Health Insurance Benefit Advisors Program – services for Idaho citizens on Medicare.