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pre-existing condition

Student health insurance.

Student health insurance: required reading

College students have more coverage options as a result of the ACA. But how do you decide which option is… Read more

Adding a child to a family is a qualifying event.

Qualifying events that can get you coverage

Even if you missed the general open enrollment, you could still have an opportunity to enroll in an ACA-compliant plan this year if you… Read more

Individual health insurance also means family.

Individual health insurance under Obamacare

If you are self employed, or if your employer does not offer health insurance, you'll likely turn to the private market to purchase an… Read more

Navigating health insurance job lock.

How Obamacare’s breaking the bonds of job lock

No one has to be stuck in a dead-end job just to keep their health insurance. Thanks to the ACA, anyone can enroll in coverage through the… Read more

Deadly recession.

Reform promises end to deadly rescissions

Industry practices that result in health policy cancellations may soon come to an end, thanks to health reform regulations that prohibit… Read more