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We work with partners who offer affordable health insurance options and share our commitment to your convenience and data privacy

This privacy policy discloses the information privacy practices for, the Web site you are currently visiting. We are not a government site; we are the oldest, independent consumer site devoted to helping consumers understand health insurance and Obamacare. We are writers, editors, artists and policy people. You can read more about us here.

We don’t sell any products.

As an informational site, we sell no products, but provide you the ability for you to purchase products from partners who do. We are compensated for these referrals, but are not paid on sales as we are not licensed insurance agents and do not sell things. We describe each of these circumstances where we connect you to sites providing products – including health insurance, health savings accounts, short term medical, life insurance, medicare, dental and others –  below.

Your privacy is our priority,
we will never call or email you

The quote forms on our site do not ask for your contact information, such as phone numbers or e-mail addresses. We only need a ZIP code and a small amount of non-personally-identifiable information before redirecting you to a partner who will provide you with with matching products. These online quoting vendors meet these criteria:

  • They service customers in the ZIP code you entered.
  • For ACA (Obamacare) plans, they will help you determine your eligibility for subsidies, and will help you claim any subsidies for which you are eligible.
  • They will allow you to get pricing anonymously, without your contact information (until you apply to purchase a product).
  • If you do decide to provide your contact information to them, they agree not to share that information with other sites or parties, including us.

If you decide to fill out an application with one of our partners, they will ask for the contact information needed to service your request.

Sponsored listings (advertising)

In some ZIP codes we may show you paid advertisements. These sites are advertisers and are not owned or managed by In these cases we disclose this with a statement similar to this: “If you click on the following listings, you are leaving*. The footnote provides more information about the listings on that page.

The ads on our site are managed by an advertising clearinghouse, and has no direct connection with – nor does it endorse – these advertisers. Check the privacy policy and terms of use on any advertiser’s site you visit to see how they handle your personal information.

Quotes by phone

When you call a number on our site with language similar to “call for a quote” or as part of a ZIP Code-driven quote box, it rings through a phone transfer system managed by an outside provider. Whenever available, it routes your call to advertisers that service your ZIP Code. (This, which includes regular business hours most weekdays, and can included extended hours and weekends during Obamacare’s open enrollment.)

On forms that link to specific partners of, the phone number may be tied to that specific partner (its name or logo will appear elsewhere on that form).

Reporting problems

If you have any problems in dealing with quote providers reached through our site that you are not able to resolve with that provider, use our contact form to notify us. Please let us know which other site you gave you information to. While these providers are independent of us and we do not have access to your information, it does help us determine whether to continue a relationship with that partner.

If the quote provider does not have a direct relationship with us but does with an advertising clearinghouse or call center network, we will forward your feedback to that clearinghouse. If we have multiple complaints on an advertiser we will request that the clearinghouse blacklist the advertiser.

Reports of problems are rare, but we want you to be treated the same way we want to be treated.


We use Google Analytics to learn how visitors interact with, which helps us improve our site. These analytics do not personally identify you.


We do not use tracking cookies but other sites we link to may. You should check the privacy policies on their sites.

Links to other web sites

When you click on a link that takes you away from, be a smart consumer and review the privacy practices at any site you navigate to before providing personal information. Many other such links are found on our state guides and on other articles, blog posts and other content throughout the site.

Linking to another site does not imply endorsement by

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The one exception to us receiving your contact information is, of course, when you directly contact us and want to have us respond to your questions 🙂

At a glance

We are the oldest independent consumer health insurance site. We are not a government site.

We don’t track you, we never call you.

We do not sell any products, but we link to other sites which do.