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Expert analysis of the latest health reform issues

Michael Johnson, Blue Shield Exposed

One way to ease ACA rate hikes? Fix the rebate formula.

April 25, 2018 – Want to help unsubsidized Affordable Care Act enrollees with premiums? Repair a glitch in the ACA's medical loss ratio… Read more

Health Wonk Review for April 19, 2018

Health Wonk Review for April 19, 2018

April 20, 2018 – Louise Norris, a frequent contributor at healthinsurance.org, has posted the latest edition of Health Wonk Review over at her own blog, the… Read more

When I was nine, I was diagnosed with a serious childhood illness similar to spinal meningitis. I spent three months in the hospital. My grandparents had health insurance, but they weren’t allowed to list me as a dependent and their insurance wouldn’t cover my care. They were forced to make great sacrifices to pay for my health care. I got better, but when my grandparents looked for an insurance policy that would cover me they discovered that, because of my previous illness, they couldn’t find such a policy. Not from any insurer. Not at any price. I was branded with the words “pre-existing condition.”

Guaranteeing affordable health coverage for all

March 8, 2018 – Across the country, premiums keep rising as a result of repeated attempts to sabotage our health care system. Instead of re-hashing old,… Read more

In crafting the ACA, Democrats worked hard and failed to win Republican support, and they worked hard, with some success, to win support from doctors, hospitals, pharma and other “stakeholders.” But that support – from doctor and hospital groups in particular – was lukewarm at best eight years later as Republicans pressed their repeal efforts. And so, according to Pollack: “The lesson Democrats have learned politically is that they’re alone. They’re not going to get Republican support. They’re not going to get stakeholder support for some of the most critical things.” Pollack added that Democrats have also learned from the tactics Republicans used in their bids to ram through ACA repeal bills (very nearly successful) and tax cuts (successful) via budget reconciliation, a Senate maneuver that avoids filibuster and so can enable a bill to pass with just 51 Senate votes. (That would solve the problem, highlighted by Timothy Jost, of winning over the most moderate and vulnerable Democratic senators.) “Democrats will be much more ruthless the next time around,” Pollack asserts.

Medicare for (almost) all, brought to Earth

February 23, 2018 – There's not much for beneficiaries of such a system not to like. Medicare Extra promises all-but-universal access to virtually all… Read more

Health Wonk Review: Going for the Gold Edition, February 15, 2018

Health Wonk Review for February 15, 2018

February 15, 2018 – It’s February 15, so sorry … no Valentine Edition of Health Wonk Review this week. The good news? I’m all swept up in the Olympic… Read more

Katya Powder

Enrolling like their lives depend on it

February 7, 2018 – More Americans are appreciating the Affordable Care Act more than ever – and they're showing it by continuing to enroll in ACA-compliant… Read more

Health Wonk Review for January 17, 2018

Health Wonk Review for January 17, 2018

January 17, 2018 – Joe Paduda is helping ring in the New Year with the first Health Wonk Review of 2018 over at Managed Care… Read more

Health Wonk Review for November 30, 2017

Health Wonk Review for November 30, 2017

November 30, 2017 – If you feel you haven't quite gotten your fill of health policy for the week, head on over to xpostfactoid for the latest edition of… Read more

While the Trump Administration has been working to thwart the Affordable Care Act quite a few states have been taking action to shore up their individual markets and protect access to health care.

Four ways states are foiling Obamacare sabotage

November 7, 2017 – While the Trump Administration has been working to thwart the Affordable Care Act quite a few states have been taking action to shore up… Read more

So you’re telling me there’s a chance …

September 18, 2017 – With 13 days to go, I’d say Cassidy-Graham faces an uphill battle. But as we know, American politics sometimes delivers unlikely… Read more

Health Wonk Review for September 14, 2017

September 15, 2017 – Whoops. Did you think that the never-ending battle over Obamacare was finally ... um ... ending? Wrong-o. As Louise Norris hints with the… Read more

‘Bare counties’ just got covered. Here’s why.

August 25, 2017 – As of late August, there are no "bare" counties for 2018 exchange coverage. There are lots of counties with just one insurer, but the ACA… Read more