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Since 1994, a trusted source of information about health insurance

Created in 1994, is one of the longest running sources of in-depth information about health insurance for consumers. Back then – when web sites were really just picking up steam – the site was known as the Health Insurance Resource Center.

A guide to affordable health insurance

Founder Chuck Smith-Dewey created the site as a resource for Americans who – for whatever reason – had difficulty obtaining affordable health insurance (also known as medical insurance) on the private market. He was inspired to create the site through his own experience, witnessing the struggle of friends and family who had found it impossible or nearly impossible to get health coverage on the private market.

Chuck knew there were millions of Americans who faced that struggle and he focused on the singular goal of helping them by pointing them to state high-risk insurance pools, initially and then, over time, building an online repository that provided a broad array of insurance resources. The site featured authoritative articles explaining the basics of health insurance, a glossary of health insurance terms and a state-by-state guide to health insurance resources.

Refocused on health reform

In 2008, when President Barack Obama made comprehensive health reform one of his top priorities, expanded its content – and its team of writers – to focus intently on health reform. Americans curious about the hotly debated health reform legislation – which ultimately became the Affordable Care Act – could rely on the site for expert analysis and about the law and its implications.

Contributors to the site include public health expert Harold Pollack; healthcare system analyst and author Maggie Mahar; Linda Bergthold, advisor to both the Clinton and Obama administrations; industry insider and whistleblower Wendell Potter; and insurance industry experts Louise Norris, Carla Anderson, Michael Meulemans and Patrick Cannon. has also hosted guest analysis from respected health reform advocacy organizations such as Families USA, Doctors for America and the Center for American Progress and from organizations committed to improving access.

We actively seek guests posts from organizations that share our common goals: to educate Americans about the health care system and to give them a thorough understanding of how the ACA will help them, to help dispel myths and scare tactics about the law, and in doing so, encourage millions to embrace reform and, when possible, enroll in Obamacare’s exchanges.’s team

The site’s content is managed and promoted by a team that includes Founder Chuck Smith-Dewey, Chief Operating Officer Carol Cooksley, Content Manager Steve Anderson, and Senior Graphic Designer Barbara Etzkorn.

Independent content

The editors of continue a long-standing mission to be watchdogs of the health insurance industry. Views expressed are those of our editors, and may not be shared by other sites we link to or partner with. Advocacy or opinion pieces are issue-specific, and should not be considered an endorsement of any particular elected official, political party or ideology.

Opinions by our bloggers and other writers are those of the bylined author and may not necessarily reflect the opinions of

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We welcome questions or feedback about our content through our contact form or via postal mail at, 5353 Wayzata Boulevard, Suite 300, St. Louis Park, MN 55416. We welcome any and all comments or suggestions. And thanks in advance for contributing to the usefulness of this site for others.

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