Short-term health insurance in Utah

Utah caps short-term plans at 363 days, and prohibits renewals

Buying short-term health plans in Utah

Short-term plan duration is limited to 363 days in Utah

The maximum duration for a short-term health insurance plan in Utah is 363 days, and the policy cannot be renewed.

Utah insurance code 31A-30-103(19) defines a short-term health plan as a nonrenewable policy with a duration of “less than 364 days.” As long as a plan meets those standards, it’s not subject to the “health benefit plan” rules in Utah.

The Trump Administration’s new rules for short-term plans, which took effect on October 2, 2018, allow policies to have initial terms of up to 364 days, and allow for renewals as long as the total duration of the plan doesn’t exceed 36 months.

Utah’s regulations are stricter than the new federal rules

But the new federal rules are clear in noting that a state may impose or continue to impose stricter regulations. So short-term plans in Utah are allowed to have maximum terms of 363 days, but they cannot be renewable.

Utah does have filing requirements for short-term health insurance plans, which are outlined here.

Which insurers offer short-term plans in Utah?

  • Independence American Insurance Company
  • Life Map
  • National General
  • Select Health

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