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Ohio health insurance

A guide to affordable health insurance in the Buckeye State

ohio guide to health insurance

How healthy is living in Ohio? Unfortunately, the state's overall health ranking has been slowly dropping since 2006. The state is rated 35th in the 2012 edition of America's Health Rankings® by the United Health Foundation.

The good news:

  • Public health spending increased $6 per person from 2011 and is now at $51 per person.
  • Air pollution has decreased over the past five years, but Ohio still ranks 47th among the states.

The bad news:

  • One in four adults smokes.
  • Ohio has a high number of premature deaths, deaths from cancer, and deaths from cardiovascular disease.

Ohio's best and worst category rankings:

  • Occupational Fatalities – 10th
  • Immunization Coverage – 13th
  • Geographic Disparity – 14th
  • Preventable Hospitalizations – 42nd
  • Infant Mortality – 42nd
  • Cancer Deaths – 43rd
  • Air Pollution – 47th

For more details see the United Health Foundation’s latest findings on Ohio.

Trust for America’s Health is another source for key Ohio health quality findings.

In addition, 2010’s federal health reform, the Affordable Care Act (ACA), included the creation of a prevention fund to provide more than $16 billion over the next 10 years to invest in effective, proven prevention efforts, like childhood obesity prevention and tobacco cessation, and the site has a report on how it impacts Ohio here.

Get local health results

State snapshot too large? Get county-by-county health rankings for Ohio, from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Population Health Institute at the University of Wisconsin.

Does Ohio have
a health insurance high risk pool?

IMPORTANT UPDATE: In 2010, Ohio started offering health care insurance coverage to residents through the federally established temporary high-risk pool program. Learn about eligibility here.

Rapidly becoming obsolete as state health insurance exchanges prepare to open, risk pools were state-sponsored programs that helped people who could afford to buy health insurance, but were not able to get underwritten in the private market because of a pre-existing health condition.

Programs varied significantly from state to state in price, benefits and number of people served. Often insurance companies doing business in the state were required to contribute to the pool to keep it in the black.

In the best cases, they allowed people to be able to switch jobs or become self-employed without the fear of losing their health insurance coverage. Read more about risk pools here.

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$11.3 million to 143,327 families

Insurance companies were forced to return an average of $139 per Ohio family in 2012.


Find out how your member of the Ohio Congressional delegation voted on health care.

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Ohio health insurance companies

Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield
Celtic Ins. Co.
Companion Life Insurance Company
Golden Rule
Kaiser Permanente of Ohio
Medical Mutual
SummaCare Inc of Ohio

Health insurance for OH individuals

Resources for those individuals seeking health care insurance in Ohio. If you are looking for Ohio Medicare, visit our site for health insurance over 65.