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April Seifert, Ph.D.

April Seifert is an expert in the field of data analysis for the healthcare industry and has spent her career using measurement and analytics to inform decision-making from the payer, consumer, provider, and employer perspectives.

April is the President of Decision Analytics, an independent analytical consulting firm with a particular focus on the healthcare industry. Best known for her ability to convey complex analytical findings to very broad audiences, April is passionate about using data to make improvements in the healthcare industry. April’s predictive models have proactively helped patients get the care they need, before an acute problem arose. Her algorithms have helped consumers find the best health insurance plan for their unique needs, and she has helped providers manage their patient panels more effectively to reduce healthcare cost.

Prior to starting her consulting company, April led the analytical teams at and Target Corporation. She also served part of her career as Lead Healthcare Analyst at Medica Health Plans.

April holds both her Masters of Science and Ph.D. from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, where she earned her doctoral degree in Social Psychology. She is an avid weight-lifter and is a licensed skydiver and SCUBA diver (despite her fear of fish).

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