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Jesse Migneault

Healthcare journalist

Jesse Migneault is a journalist and editor whose work has focused on business, government and healthcare – including public and private-payer health insurance.

With healthcare in the United States currently existing at the intersection of commerce, politics, and public health, the need for citizens to be informed about healthcare choices is more vital than ever – and that is what drives him to report.

His articles have appeared in HealthPayerIntelligence, the Hartford Courant, Portsmouth Herald,, Foster’s Daily Democrat, and York County Coast Star. In addition, his work has been cited by health industry stakeholders such as the Eugene S. Farley Health Policy Center, Association of Healthcare Journalists, American Academy of Actuaries, Kaiser Permanente, blueEHR, San Diego Law Review, Medicare Agent News,, and Concierge Medicine among others.

An avid traveler, Jesse has lived and worked across the United States and Europe – all part of his continued quest for flawless beaches and nachos.

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