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Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

A helping hand for Rep. Marsha Blackburn

March 28, 2013 – In fact, one of the real objectives of the “Time for Affordability” PR and advertising campaign the insurance industry is waging is to… Read more

Why there is no “Next Big Idea” for reform

November 19, 2012 – Bottom line: The President doesn't need to come up with new ideas. He just has to stand firm on implementing what we… Read more

Give your member of Congress a checkup

March 23, 2012 – Give your member of Congress a 'health reform checkup' at before the November… Read more

Should health reform be a carrot or a stick?

May 19, 2011 – Instead of mandating coverage on the front end, the states favor penalizing the uninsured on the back end – punishing those who… Read more

State health insurance exchanges

May 3, 2011 – This vote is yet another act of political theater from legislators who promise to give states more control, then pass legislation that puts… Read more

Administration promotes ACA via Web site

July 15, 2010 – Say what you will about the recently passed health reform legislation – good or bad – but you can’t say that its supporters are… Read more

Health reform is being hated less ;)

June 24, 2010 – If you listen to John Boehner, health reform is not only completely abhorrent to the critics who pummeled it for months on end, but… Read more

Happy three month anniversary for ACA

June 22, 2010 – President Obama likes his health reform legislation. Go figure. And today, he also gave consumers more reasons to like the legislation –… Read more

What health reform has done for you lately

June 22, 2010 – Do it today – submit your questions about health reform progress to Maybe if you ask nicely, Katherine Sebelius will actually… Read more

Republicans raise voices against ACA

June 21, 2010 – You know that old saying about how even bad PR is good PR? Well, The Nation has a pretty decent argument for its validity. Seems like the… Read more

Barbara Bush — the daughter — likes ACA

June 18, 2010 – We don’t read Personal Liberty Digest every day. OK. We don’t read it ever. But thanks to Digg, we found this interesting story… Read more