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Shawn Dhanak

Shawn Dhanak is a progressive activist and media strategist. He credits the Bush Administration’s plutocratic politics for motivating him to pursue a career in fighting for a more just and equitable society. His activism began during his time studying at Michigan State University when he worked on several local and state cause and candidate campaigns.

Since then, his career has been centered in do-good work, be it as an organizer to re-elect Democratic U.S. Senator Debbie Stabenow, manager of the recall campaign against Michigan state Representative Paul Scott for draconian cuts to education, or spearheading media strategy for Enroll America’s ACA outreach and education campaign in Michigan. Shawn now resides in Los Angeles, where he works for the Sierra Club, fighting to safeguard community health and the climate.

As a victim of the pre-Obamacare health insurance marketplace himself, Shawn is committed to cutting through the noise and political spin to dispel myths about the historic healthcare law and highlighting examples of just how beneficial it has been to people who need access to care the most.