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high deductible health plan

High deductibles don't work for consumers.

Why high deductibles don’t work

April 12, 2016 – Ultimately, high-deductibles handicap patients' and providers' ability to work together to effectively manage patients' health, prevent… Read more

Finally: an escape from lifetime maximums

October 16, 2013 – Nathan Wilkes is a Colorado father who came face-to-face with the realities of lifetime maximum benefits on health insurance policies… Read more

‘We’re all in this together.’

October 5, 2013 – ... there is no way around the fact that our coverage is going to be significantly more expensive once our plan renews in 2014. And yet we… Read more

Will ‘the bros’ buy health insurance in 2014?

August 31, 2013 – What reform's opponent don't tell them is that under Obamacare, a 25-year-old waiter who lives in North Los Angeles and earns $17,200 a… Read more