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South Dakota voters approve Medicaid expansion

More than 42,000 residents will become eligible for Medicaid coverage

Minneapolis, MN – In response to Amendment D passing in South Dakota Nov. 8, released the following statement today from Louise Norris, health policy analyst for

South Dakota voters have approved Amendment D, allowing the state to join Washington, DC and 38 states that have already expanded Medicaid, including six that have done so using similar voter-approved ballot measures. By approving Amendment D, South Dakota will take advantage of hundreds of millions of dollars in federal funding to expand Medicaid eligibility.

“In July 2023, more than 42,000 low-income adults in South Dakota will become eligible for Medicaid. Many of these people work in critical but low-paying jobs, and some of them are currently ineligible for any financial assistance with their health insurance.” provides free, online resources for consumers, including information about individual health insurance, major medical insurance and affordable medical insurance.


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