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Getting the scoop on Obamacare

The good news – and not-so-good news – media discovers when it investigates stories of families affected by the Affordable Care Act

Welcome back to Curbside Consult.

I’m continuing my conversation with Joanne Kenen, the lead health care reporter and editor for Politico and Politico Pro. She is one of the top sources of Washington reporting on health reform and many other subjects.

This week, Joanne and I had a wide-ranging conversation about the troubled rollout of, the perils of covering misleading anecdata, and the marathon of covering such a difficult political story for so many years.

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In the third segment of our multi-part interview, Joanne and I talk about how media’s been covering the rollout of Obamacare – and what reporters are finding when they take the time to thoroughly investigate the “horror stories” of the folks directly impacted by the law.

It’s a great conversation. Hope you enjoy it.

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