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October, 2009

Halloween comes early for Blanche Lincoln

October 30, 2009 – Arkansas voters to Sen. Blanche Lincoln: “BOO!” It’s a day before Halloween, but a new poll back home should already be… Read more

Know your public options

October 30, 2009 – If you want to get up to speed on the House and Senate approaches to the public option, it shouldn’t take you long to dig up the info… Read more

Progressives: “We’re just wild about Harry!”

October 30, 2009 – Progressives are starting an unlikely love affair with the normally conservative Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. In this video, Reid… Read more

Even if states can opt out, will they?

October 29, 2009 – We’re happy to hear folks asking this question: If Democrats succeed in passing health reform legislation with an opt-out public… Read more

Up or down vote on health reform needed

October 26, 2009 – Will Democrats unite to allow an up-or-down vote on health reform legislation? Robert Creamer explained on the Huffington Post this morning… Read more

‘Option’ is not a failure — not yet, anyway

October 23, 2009 – For a political proposal that appeared ready to be staked in the heart by its opponents just weeks ago, the public option looked… Read more

Health reform: are we THERE yet?

October 21, 2009 – A quick look at the health reform debate this week: How’s the Senate legislation coming along? As of yesterday (Tuesday), Sen. Harry… Read more

Sen. Snow bravely crosses the aisle

October 14, 2009 – There were squeals of joy and howls of rage when Olympia Snowe crossed the aisle (or as Republicans would say “went over to the Dark… Read more

Obama joins Teddy, Wilson and Carter

October 9, 2009 – This morning, United States President Barack Obama became the fourth president to win the Nobel Peace Prize, joining Theodore Roosevelt… Read more

Will the real predator please stand up?

October 8, 2009 – A column by Thomas Frank in the Wall Street Journal made us pause and scratch our heads this week because it prompted one of those… Read more

North Dakota dems cry “bad (blue) dog!”

October 7, 2009 – Okay, we know that it’s the conservative members of the House that are called “Blue Dogs” (not members of the Senate),… Read more

Schwarznegger urges GOP to support reform

October 6, 2009 – Governor Arnold Schwarznegger (R-CA) has made a formal statement supporting health care reform, urging congressional Republicans to… Read more