Administration promotes ACA via Web site

Everything you always wanted to know about health reform … but didn’t know you could ask

Say what you will about the recently passed health reform legislation – good or bad – but you can’t say that its supporters are withholding information about what’s ahead.

With mid-term elections around the corner, the Obama Administration is readying a Lollapalooza of a dog-and-pony show to highlight its accomplishments to date – and the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is center stage. The Administration is using every trick in the PR and marketing book to make sure consumers know exactly what they can expect from this year’s landmark health reform legislation.

Opponents of the legislation are considering whether its provisions could provide ammunition for a major Congressional seat grab this fall. But judging by the steady barrage of news releases and an extensive health reform Web site, the Administration believes that every new provision announced only increases the value of its stock.

The Web site is filled with a mountain of information, but the piece we think will matter most to folks confused about the legislation is What’s Changing and When. It’s a timeline that shows what’s been implemented since passage of the ACA, and when the rest of the provisions are due to take effect.

For consumers, it provides an easy-to-read answer to the questions, “How will the legislation affect me personally?” and “What’s in that mammoth bill anyway?” (For the Administration, it’s a great way to answer the question, “What have you done for me lately?”)

Of course, there’s a lot more to the site, including enough videos to schedule a film festival, pages detailing each of the provisions, and a section, drably titled Information for You that provides more detail about how the legislation affects Families with Children, Individuals, People with Disabilities, Seniors, Young Adults and Employers.

For folks who don’t think visiting the site will satisfy their craving for health reform news, the Administration has also set up nifty features that push the latest press releases and speeches to readers through e-mail updates and, naturally, Twitter posts.

For months Americans have been saying that the architects of health reform have a lot of explaining to do. We think it’s safe to say that their wish has been granted.

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