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Health Wonk Review for September 13, 2012

Featuring posts from Harold Pollack, Maggie Mahar

The latest edition of Health Wonk Review is on the virtual stands over at Colorado Health Insurance Insider. As usual, it’s chock full of compelling health policy wonkery from HWR’s usual gang of respected contributors.

There’s something for everyone, not the least of which includes Harold Pollack’s homage to Bill Clinton’s Democratic National Convention speech: ‘Are we better off because President Obama fought for health reform? You bet we are.’

HWR also gave a nice nod to Maggie Mahar, who posted a two-parter over at HealthBeat about why America needs more physicians who listen carefully to their patients before rushing to diagnose an illness. If you have a minute, check out The Art of Diagnosis: “True Medical Detective Stories” and The Pressure to Diagnose: Meador and Balint on The Physician’s Creed.

But like I said, there’s something for everyone, including a Health Affairs Blog post about Medicare and the Sustainable Growth Rate, and another at The Healthcare Economist looking at efforts to curb Medicare waste; and two posts (here and here) on the “corporatization of health care” over at the Disease Management Care Blog.

Look for the next edition of Health Wonk Review on September 27 over at Wing of Zock.

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