Health Wonk Review for February 14, 2013

The Valentine's Day Edition

If you love health policy, the Healthcare Talent Transformation blog has a Valentine for you, hosting the latest “Valentine” edition of Health Wonk Review.healthwonk-read-this-edition

As the graphics in the post clearly reflect, the most recent edition is “so fine” – although most hosts, admittedly, do a fine job of reviewing a handful of health policy opinions from HWR’s regular contributors.

As usual, there’s discussion of the merits of the Affordable Care Act. Some of the more interesting discussions include:

Of course there’s much, much more to ponder … but you’ll have to give the Review your own review if your heart is set on it.

Don’t miss the next edition of Health Wonk Review, due on virtual newsstands February 27 over at the Disease Management Care Blog.