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Health Wonk Review for September 12, 2013

The Health Data Edition

The latest edition of Health Wonk Review is up over at Boston Health News. Tinker Ready put together a great review of the latest health policy blog posts … and dedicated this edition to health data.

An excellent collection of posts follow that theme … a Health Business Blog piece about whether health data might be used in efforts to encourage lower risk behaviors, a Health Affairs post looking at the challenge of balancing the benefits of genomic data with privacy concerns …

And there’s much more from HWR’s trusted crew of policy wonks. In addition to this great post about ‘bros’ by contributor Maggie Mahar, and another from Louise Norris – the newest contributor to this blog – this week’s edition included posts from:

Enjoy! Next up: Health Wonk Review is scheduled for September 26 at Healthcare Talent Transformation.

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