Health Wonk Review for June 5, 2014

Not Taking Any Time Off Edition

If you haven’t gotten your health wonkage fix, head over to Health Wonk Review – hosted this week by Joe Paduda over at Managed Care Matters. Joe says this edition is “quick – but not dirty!”

Quick or not, the review is packed with more than a dozen great posts, the usual posts devoted to commentary about the health law. (Our own blog hosts Harold Pollack’s fascinating interview of economist and author David Cutler, who both reflects on his pride he feels for helping shape health reform and offers a post mortem on the botched rollout of the law.)

But if you’re one of the many who are battle worn by the health reform debate, we’d definitely recommend this edition for its range of other fascinating topics. Among them:

And, as we like to say, there’s more where that came from … so again, read the whole thing.

Next up: Julie Ferguson hosts Health Wonk Review on June 19 over at Worker’s Comp Insider.

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