Health Wonk Review for April 6, 2017

Pre-Passover Edition

Henry Stern has posted the Pre-Passover Edition of Health Wonk Review over at InsureBlog and he’s packed the edition with something for everyone – including folks who know little or nothing about the Jewish holiday of Passover.

It’s really the perfect edition if you’ve got questions like:

“What can be done to fix the ACA?” but also “What’s with the giant saltine?”


“Is there still and Obamacare individual mandate penalty?” and (totally unrelated) “Tell me more about why Afghanis ‘bop’ each other on the noggin with green onions during Passover.”


“Does Paul Ryan care more about patients – or donors?” and then “What? A seder prayerbook based on the Harry Potter books?”

Compelling questions all – and there’s MORE in this delightful Pre-Passover Edition. Great job, Henry!

Next up: The April 20 edition of HWR, hosted by Brad Wright at Wright on Health.