Health Wonk Review for July 11, 2018

Summer's Coming Around Again Edition

Summer’s here and the time is right for dancing …. uh … I mean for another edition of Health Wonk Review. Peggy Salvatore, blogger in chief over at HealthSystemEd, has the latest edition and has dubbed it Summer’s Coming Around Again.

It’s a quick read – apparently everyone is at the lake – but it’s loaded with great posts … about the merits (or lack thereof) of health sharing ministries, about work requirements for Kentucky Medicaid beneficiaries, and high-deductible plans. Seven great posts in all. (And thanks, Peggy, for including our post about Obamacare’s impact on mental health coverage.)

Definitely check it out. As Peggy notes, it’s a HOT one!

Next up: Julie Ferguson hosts Health Wonk Review at Workers Comp Insider on August 23.