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Health Wonk Review for December 19, 2013

The Letters to Santa Edition

Julie Ferguson, over at Workers’ Comp Insider, has delivered an early Christmas present to health policy lovers with her “Letters to Santa” edition of the Health Wonk Review.

Ferguson did Old St. Nick a solid with the latest compendium of health policy opinion, offering him a nifty guide to who’s been naughty, who’s been nice, and who deserves a little something extra in their stocking.

On the “Nice” list? Professor Tim Jost … for his “detailed and extensive analysis of the health exchange enrollments to date.”

On the “Naughty” list? Probably the media, who were taken to task for “skewed polls and faulty reporting” by David Williams at the Health Business Blog. Fortunately, Wendell Potter, writing for, offers a stocking stuffer for journalists: a five-question reporter checklist for vetting Obamacare “horror stories.”

Who deserves a little something extra in their stocking? Ferguson says that Louise Norris is deserving for her “hard work and heavy lifting in sorting out how pediatric dental coverage will be impacted by ACA and HHS regulations.” (We agree.)

And, though she doesn’t use the name Scrooge, Ferguson points to a couple bloggers who just aren’t “feeling jolly.” John Goodman and Patrick Paul have both apparently seen the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come … and they’re reporting that the future under Obamacare includes a shortage of doctors and an abundance of folks who won’t find an insurance plan they like.

“Bah humbug?” or “Ho Ho Ho?” We’ll let you decide.

Next up: Health Wonk Review takes a holiday hiatus, then returns on January 16 at the Health Business Blog.

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