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Health Wonk Review for September 11, 2014

Fall 2014 Edition

Summer’s over, the kids are back in school (Yes!) and the fall sports seasons are underway. And with those seasons – like a fresh fall breeze – arrives a new season of Health Wonk Review. David Williams over at Health Business Blog is officiating the “season opener” for HWR with a review of a dozen great recent posts from respected wonks.

As usual, the field is dominated by opinions about the ACA, and this edition, they’re led off by our own Curbside Consult post from Harold Pollack. In his 18th edition of Curbside Consult, Pollack hosts a really great dialogue with Avik Roy, author of a new plan to reform … uh … health reform. Harold says (and who’s to argue?) Roy’s “Transcending Obamacare” is a must-read for progressives.

The other posts are a bit of a tug of war:

  • Health Beat’s Maggie Mahar optimistically predicts Obamacare “will cover another 10 million in 2015,”
  • InsureBlog warns of ACA-related tax form headaches ahead,
  • Managed Care Matters reports that medical cost inflation continues to drop (thus disappointing health reform opponents),
  • and John R. Graham posits that Obamacare is bad news for job seekers.

If you’re more attuned to what’s happening with Medicare, this edition has posts from Elliot Fisher at Health Affairs and from Roy M. Poses at Health Care Renewal.

And if you’re already weary of health reform and Medicare banter, this edition includes a Workers Comp Insider post about the status of Obesity in America, and a Population Health Blog look at the similarities between the power-utility industry and health care.


Next up: Billy Wynne hosts Health Wonk Review on September 25 over at Healthcare Lighthouse.

Steve Anderson is editor and content manager for, where he’s been writing about health insurance and health reform since 2008. He’s been fortunate to have worked with a talented team of health policy writers.

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