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Health Wonk Review for November 9, 2012

Post-election edition is heavy on health reform and, yes, the election

healthwonk-read-this-editionIn case you missed it Friday, the latest edition of Health Wonk Review is on the virtual newsstands. The good news is that if you did miss it, the blog posts are as timely today as they were a few days ago.

Joe Paduda over at Managed Care Matters put together a great collection of posts focused on the Affordable Care Act and what’s ahead now that President Obama has won re-election. Among the topics:

By the way, if you like that kind of fare, we’d suggest a couple of blog posts that didn’t make it into HWR.

  • Harold Pollack posted a great election-eve interview with economist Jon Gruber, discussing Gruber’s work with Obama and Romney, the election, and the challenges ahead for health reform.
  • While all eyes focus on the presidential race, Maggie Mahar predicted that the ultimate fate of the Affordable Care Act could depend on the Senate contests in the states.

Of course, the edition wasn’t ALL health reform. There were posts about a hospital quality initiative in Italy, and a look at why more docs are favoring cold, hard, cash over insurance.

Next for Health Wonk Review: The review takes a brief holiday break, but will be back in early December.

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