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Short-term health insurance in Indiana

Indiana restricts short-term plans to six months in duration and does not allow renewals

Short-term health plans in Indiana

Indiana sets state short-term regulations

Indiana has its own regulations pertaining to short-term health insurance.

How long can short-term plans last in Indiana?

Short-term plan terms can’t last more than six months in Indiana, and cannot be renewed. Enrollees are allowed to apply for a new short-term plan that can take effect after the first plan ends, but it has to be a new, separate plan, with a new deductible and out-of-pocket exposure.

And any medical conditions that occur while a person is covered by a short-term plan will be pre-existing conditions when the person applies for another short-term plan (meaning that they either won’t be covered under the subsequent short-term plan, or will result in the application being rejected if the condition is serious enough).

The Trump Administration’s new rules for short-term plans are clear in stating that states may continue to impose tighter regulations than the new federal rules. So short-term plans in Indiana continue to have maximum terms of six months.

Additional Indiana regulations on short-term

The Indiana Department of Insurance conducts rate reviews for short-term plans, which must be filed using the state’s basic actuarial memo outline.

At least eleven insurers offer short-term plans in Indiana

  • Companion Life
  • Everest Prime
  • HCC Life Insurance Company
  • Independence American Insurance Company
  • LifeShield
  • Madison National Life Insurance Company
  • National General
  • Standard Life
  • Standard Security Life
  • UnitedHealthcare (Golden Rule)
  • United Security Health and Casualty

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