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Short-term health insurance in North Dakota

State regulations limit short-term plans to no more than 185 days, and allows only one renewal

Buying a short-term health plan in North Dakota

ND short-term plans limited to 185 days

Long-standing North Dakota regulations limit short-term health insurance plans to durations of no more than 185 days. Although the Trump Administration is allowing short-term plans to last longer, state regulations still apply if they’re stricter than the federal rules.

Only one renewal allowed, for a total plan duration of up to 12 months

The North Dakota Insurance Department published a bulletin in September 2018, clarifying the state’s position in terms of the new federal rules for short-term plans. In addition to longer initial terms, the new federal rules allow for renewals and much longer total plan durations, including renewals. But North Dakota clarified that only one renewal is permitted, so the total duration of a plan, including renewal, cannot exceed 12 months (the renewal process cannot include medical underwriting).

Other state requirements for short-term plans

North Dakota is requiring short-term plan applications to ask the consumer whether they have comprehensive major medical coverage in force, whether they understand that the short-term plan is NOT a comprehensive major medical policy, and why they are purchasing the short-term plan.

Short-term plans in the state are also required to have a loss ratio (claim amounts divided by premium amounts) of at least 55 percent.

The North Dakota Insurance Department has clarified that insurers offering short-term plans must refile updated plans with the Department in order to continue marketing short-term products under the new rules.

The North Dakota Insurance Department published a document in 2017 to warn consumers about the drawbacks of short-term plans, limited benefit plans, and discount medical plans. In terms of when a consumer should purchase short-term coverage, the ND Insurance Department said “almost never.”

Which insurers offer short-term plans in North Dakota?

  • Companion Life
  • Everest Prime
  • LifeShield
  • Medica
  • National General

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