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Open enrollment for 2015 is just a month away — it starts on Nov. 15 — and Your Health Idaho is gearing up for an excellent round two.  Although HHS ran the technical aspect of the exchange in 2014, the state-run portion of the partnership exchange was very active in getting as many people as possible educated about the ACA and enrolled in coverage.

Idaho is transitioning to its own exchange platform, and will be a fully state-run exchange in time for the 2015 open enrollment period. Your Health Idaho touts a low assessment fee as one of biggest consumer benefits to running its own exchange. For both 2014 and 2015 policies, Your Health Idaho is charging an assessment fee of 1.5 percent of premium cost. On the federal marketplace, the fee is 3.5 percent.

Use Your Health Idaho to re-enroll

People who enrolled through for 2014 coverage will be able to renew their plans for 2015, and Your Health Idaho is working with HHS and the state’s carriers to make the process as seamless as possible.

Current enrollees will not have to start from scratch on Your Health Idaho.  The exchange is working to get enrollee data transferred over from, and the carriers in the state are committed to making this a smooth transition and making sure that people are able to keep their plans and subsidies (adjusted for 2015 if necessary based on the local benchmark plans).  The exchange is asking current enrollees to participate in the renewal process though, and they already have a section on their website devoted to renewals, with a page of instructions specifically for people who enrolled in 2014 and received a tax credit.

2015 rates

You can browse 2015 rates and estimate your subsidy on Your Health Idaho.  This feature gives 2015 enrollees a chance to compare plans and check on provider networks before the actual open enrollment rush begins in November.

New insurer to join Your Health Idaho

A new insurer has been approved by the Idaho Department of Insurance: Mountain Health CO-OP. Blue Cross of Idaho, BridgeSpan Health Company, PacificSource Health Plans, and SelectHealth are returning to the exchange for 2015.

2014 enrollment recap

More than 76,000 Idahoans signed up for health insurance during the first enrollment period. That’s 36,000 more than the target set by the federal government, and in a state of only 1.7 million people, the per-capita enrollment ranks Idaho third in the nation for plans purchased during the first open enrollment period.

Among Idaho residents selecting a QHP, 92 percent qualified for financial assistance, compared to 85 percent nationally. Only Mississippi and Wyoming had higher rates of individuals eligible for assistance. A report released in June by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services showed the average monthly premium, after tax credits, for Idaho consumers was $68. Fifty percent of those Idaho enrollees who qualified for subsidies pay $50 or less per month after subsidies.

During the 2014 open enrollment period, 15 percent of Idaho residents selected a bronze plan (20 percent nationally), 72 percent selected a silver plan (65 percent nationally), 10 percent selected a gold plan (9 percent nationally), 3 percent selected a platinum plan (5 percent nationally) and 1 percent selected a catastrophic plan (2 percent nationally). Twenty-seven percent of Idaho enrollees were between the ages of 18 and 34.

Agents and brokers: key to success

Your Health Idaho created a strong partnership with agents and brokers in the state, and 50 percent of the exchange’s 2014 enrollments were facilitated by agents and brokers.  Your Health Idaho refers to agents and brokers as a “backbone” of the exchange, and credits the partnership with them as the main factor that drove enrollment in 2014.  Heading into the second open enrollment period, the exchange still has a very strong relationship with the state’s agents and brokers, and is looking forward to having the entire process in the hands of Idahoans.

History of Idaho’s marketplace development

Republican Gov. Butch Otter announced in December 2012 that Idaho would implement a state-run health insurance exchange, and HHS gave conditional approval of the state’s plan in early January 2013. The state-run option was resisted by both the governor and many Republican legislators. Like those in other “red” states, Idaho leaders hoped the U.S. Supreme Court would find the Affordable Care Act (ACA) unconstitutional. However, after the Court upheld most elements of the ACA and a state task force in October 2012 strongly recommended a state-run exchange, Otter began leaning toward that option as preferable to a federally run exchange. After Otter’s announcement in December, legislators began considering legislation, and both chambers passed bills authorizing a state-run in exchange in the first quarter of 2013. However, that left scant time to set up the exchange. For the first open enrollment period, Idaho used the federal site, but will be switching to an entirely state-run platform by November 2014.

Idaho is the only state that opted to build its own marketplace, but decided against expanding eligibility for its Medicaid program. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, the decision means about 55,000 low-income, non-elderly adults will fall into the coverage gap — meaning they don’t qualify for Medicaid or for subsidies to help them purchase private coverage. While a Medicaid workgroup appointed by Gov. Otter supports Medicaid expansion, there is little to no support in the state legislature.  The issue of Medicaid expansion is expected to come before the legislature again in the 2015 session.

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