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Short-term health insurance in Arizona

Arizona limits short-term plans to 185 days. Renewal is allowed, but is capped at 180 days.

Buying a short-term plan in Arizona

Arizona follows its own short-term regulations

Arizona has its own regulations pertaining to short-term health insurance.

Short-term plan duration in AZ limited to 185 days

Short-term plan terms can’t last more than 185 days in Arizona. If renewal is available, the renewal term can’t be more than 180 days. There is nothing in Arizona statutes preventing a person from buying additional short-term plans, one after the other. They would be new policies, however, with new medical underwriting.

The Trump Administration’s new rules for short-term plans are clear in noting that states may continue to impose tighter regulations than the new federal rules. So short-term plans in Arizona will not be available with initial terms in excess of six months.

And insurers can cap their plans at shorter durations. For example, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona partners with IHC to offer a short-term product in the state, but it has a maximum term of 90 days (with a second 90-day term available if the plan is renewed).

Prior to October 2, 2018, federal regulations that were implemented by the Obama Administration limited short-term health plans to three months and prohibited renewal. States can impose rules that are more strict, but not less strict, than the federal rules. So as of October 2, short-term plans are limited based on Arizona’s existing regulations, with an initial term of no more than 185 days and a renewal term of no more than 180 days.

Which insurers offer short-term plans in Arizona?

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona (in partnership with IHC)
  • Everest Prime
  • Golden Rule (UnitedHealthcare)
  • Independence American Life
  • LifeShield
  • Madison National
  • National General
  • Philadelphia American Life Insurance
  • Standard Life
  • Companion Life
  • United Security Health and Casualty

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