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October, 2010

The data says, ‘physician, heal thyself

October 27, 2010 – When it comes to physicians and the way they're reimbursed by Medicare, there's plenty to debate – even among… Read more

GOP pollster to party: zip it

October 15, 2010 – Republicans are dreaming if they think voters will uniformly reject each and every one of the provisions of health reform that have already… Read more

New $2,000 medicare deductible?

October 14, 2010 – Republican senate hopeful Rand Paul, speaking on FOX News Sunday, suggested that in the near future, seniors should pick up of the first… Read more

Voters waking up

October 6, 2010 – It’s about time. The sad saw that voters have rejected health care reform has worn out its welcome. A new survey shows that a clear… Read more